About The Re|view


The Re|view was founded to create a platform for anyone to express themselves about anything in any way. We want to create dialogue about the way we live today, in whatever form people want. This is for anyone who wants to discuss the world we all live in, not for experts. It’s for people who have had an idea, written a song, taken a photo – anything! – and who want to get that online for the world to see and talk about, but who, for whatever reason don’t want to use a Facebook or Twitter or set up a dedicated blog.


Writing, Music, Art & Film

Writing: Stories, Poems, Spoken Word, and anything else we haven’t thought of.

Music: Songs, only by unsigned artists.

Art & Film: Art of any kind, in any form, using any media. Film by anyone who loves it.

Current Affairs

Comment, Personal Perspectives, Documentary, Interviews, Travel, Science, Tech

We believe that there is no point in trying to compete with the hundreds of news sources out there, but we can still share our perspectives on what is going on. How has a government policy or something in the news impacted you? Did you live through a bit of history and want to share your perspective? Did you travel somewhere interesting and want to share your experience? Is there some aspect of science or some new gadget you think everyone should know about?

We also believe that many important issues don’t receive the coverage they deserve in the media. For this reason, we particularly welcome submissions on under-reported national and international stories that you think should be brought to our readers’ attention.

Social Comment & Philosophy

Ideas, Rants, Reviews

The basic question behind this part of the website is what kind of society should we be building? What should younger generations be demanding of their politicians? We understand that it might seem daunting to write about these issues, but go for it. Even if something seems blatantly obvious to you, it doesn’t mean that’s the case for everyone, so go for it. It can be about ANYTHING, from the environment to politics to abortion to organ donation to sexuality to ethics to ANYTHING.

This section is also about sharing ideas you’ve come across. Have you read a great book that made you think? Write a review. We don’t care if the book was published yesterday or a hundred years ago, share it. Just make sure your review includes a summary of the main ideas of the book or the plot (no spoilers!), and your response to it. We also welcome critical reviews so if you’ve read something that made your blood boil then feel free to submit a juicy rant.