Robert Busiakiewicz

Robert Busiakiewicz

Robert Busiakiewicz is an English composer and tenor who studied music at the University of Cambridge, King's College London and the Royal Academy of Music. His music has been performed by artists such as the Britten Sinfonia (Mr Zizek Speaks), the choir of King's College Cambridge (Think on These Things), and the Lontano Ensemble (On Royalty) as well as numerous choirs in London. He is currently living in Toronto, Canada.


(On Gainful Employment)

recipe / for disaster’s nubile suburbian clatters / where everything counts and nothing quite matters.


On Suo Gân

Robert Busiakiewicz’s new poem reinvents the traditional lullaby in a complicated modern family setting.


Poem: On Leaving a House

When they asked me where my world was, or who cleaved this third face upon a person, (not because there was time to toss)…


Poem: On Being Content

Blistering colours in their permutations sit less heavy than this, shuddering silences held their swollen tongues for want of hearing Earth’s choicest bliss at…


Poem: On Facade

Smile, always smile, tip-toeing around the dormant elephant
this room forgot, carefully complimenting each tawdry element.