Go Gentle Into That Good Night

“Are you asking me about love?” said the old man in a slow and deep grumbled voice. By now, he was used to people asking him of such lofty subjects. Age brings a face that beckons to be asked questions.


Short story: Disappearance

“You’re my older sister. You should know better. And all these books you’re reading; don’t they tell you whether there is a god or not?”


Poem: On Leaving a House

When they asked me where my world was, or who cleaved this third face upon a person, (not because there was time to toss)…


Poem: On Being Content

Blistering colours in their permutations sit less heavy than this, shuddering silences held their swollen tongues for want of hearing Earth’s choicest bliss at…


The Former Sports Star

“Some people belong in school.” The former sports star grinned annoyingly as he stood at the bar with his upper body wrapped in a…

Capt Gorgeous flickr

Poem: Sea-siding

I stand upon the roaring sea, Of the dead, Thin is this surface Which guides one to another,They do not like the light direct,…