Poem: Sub Specie Aeternitatis

Innumerable voices speak at once Blending to a murk. The beautiful song; the secret that lights darknesses Merges with the groan of apathy and…


Poem: On Facade

Smile, always smile, tip-toeing around the dormant elephant
this room forgot, carefully complimenting each tawdry element.


We live in cities

We live in cities. We live in thoughts and ideas. We live in bodies. We live in blogs and in money. My home is…


The Romance of Coffee in September

A cafe: mahogany tables, opulent leather chairs and the fulsome smell of roasting coffee. Satchmo sings about a wonderful world; his coarse, heavy voice…



Neighbours, streetside left, Asked a friend, who, Smoking as he left, Said ‘yes’,   We, sitting under flower, Rose and budding apple Fruitletting on…



Ahh, how lucky you are! To be encapsulated in the renowned “you” that I am writing about at this moment, the star of blog…


A portrait of the portrait gallery

Cathedralesque mausoleum. The great and the mighty jostle in this place. Here Darwin stares down Fleming And there Victoria and all her progeny stand…


The Wind and Other Things

The train collapsed at the station with its evening clockwork. Paul hit the button and the doors slid open. He climbed off the carriage…



#foundfiction is a publishing experiment that aims to circulate new writing in public spaces around the world. At bus stops, on trains, in parks, bookshops…