A story of the valleys

An insightful narrative about life in a Welsh mining community, How Green Was My Valley by Richard Llewellyn amazes and amuses.


A Second Longer

  The walls constrict. Panic grips; with vigour, and without relent. Dismay paralyzes, anger emboldens and awakens. Vile women! Deceitful snake! Perfectly forsaken.  …


He held her close and said

He held her close and said – ‘I’ll only come with you if you ask.’ Smiling. Hand on shoulder, assuring. ‘I can take a…



X You can fight for every power and freedom in politics You can fight for the right to say what you want Believe what…


Forgetful Snow

oh how I love the snow for it covers this world this everything this ugliness this desire to self-destruct oh but but the snow…


A stray dog

A stray dog is much more human than a flower than a family photograph than a wedding ring   The stray dog smiles with…