FAQ: Art & Photography Submissions

What kind of work are you interested in? Is there a theme?

We welcome any submissions – from larger collections of photos to single shots. There is no theme – the aim of THE RE|VIEW is to give a platform for people to express themselves in any way they like, so feel free to submit anything you want.

How many photographs can I submit?

You are welcome to send in as many photos as you’d like, and we will either use them in a ‘Photo of the Day’ or in a larger post profiling your work.

What format/size are you looking for?

Image files must be submitted as JPEGs and be under 1mb in size, but if possible make the file as small as possible. A full screen image has a resolution of around 2000 x 2000 (this is roughly the size of an image viewed full screen), so around that is ideal.

Do you want me to say something about my work?

This is totally up to you, but people generally like hearing the story behind a photo.

Still need your question answered? Just email helpme@the-re-view.org.