Goodbye from The Re|view

Dear Reader,

I started The Re|view during my summer holidays, when I had lots of enthusiasm and free time. Unfortunately, I am a a full-time student in my final year and have found it impossible to do both The Re|view and my studies justice. It has been a really difficult decision because I am still very proud of what The Re|view stands for, the idea that everyone is creative and intelligent and has a valuable perspective to offer the world.

I hope to start it up again when I finish my final year, or for it to survive somehow – hence why I have left the submission facility online so that people can still submit their work in case of. Please also like our Facebook page as if it comes back online then you’ll be the first to know.

If you’d be interested in taking over The Re|view then I would welcome your application. In my experience it adds up to about 15 hours of work per week, but that was without delegating much and I would be happy for applicants to choose to run it in a completely different way. You don’t need to have masses of experience to apply, just curiosity and openness about the world. If you want to apply, please send a letter explaining your vision for The Re|view and a bit about your own background and interests, and your CV, to

It’s been a pleasure!


Founder and Editor of The Re|view



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