Haiku Film Review: Drinking Buddies

Haiku #3 : Drinking Buddies


Accidental attraction

heartbreak, great nights out

beer facilitates it all


Drinking Buddies (2013) is the probably booziest indie film of the last year, featuring New Girl’s Jake Johnson and House M.D.’s Olivia Wilde. You have probably never seen a more authentic comedy about working in a craft brewery, nor will you have gotten a better idea of how much brewers actually love to drink. Topically, director Joe Swanberg provided his cast with real alcohol during the shoots and no script. Instead, he outlined what needed to happen and they had to improvise – drunk. If only he had told poor Anna Kendrick. During a card game scene she downed pint after pint before realising that the beer wasn’t fake, got completely hammered and had to sit quietly until the inebriation passed.

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Photograph by Joe Swanberg, who owns the sole copyright.

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