Haiku TV Review: Modern Family


Haiku #8 : Modern Family


starts with a conflict

moral lesson, happy end

more: modern fable


Modern Family is a US mockumentary sitcom that aired in 2009. While family stories have subsided in TV since the nineties, Modern Family has reminded us that every genre can justify its existence with some creative re-invention. It addresses issues families face in the 21st century, and it does so exceptionally well and with often unexpected and fresh humourous nuances. Nonetheless, it plays not only with character stereotypes but with an overall traditional story arc that is similar to that of a fable or fairytale. No criticism here, though, after all some narrative structures seem to represent nothing less than the principles of human emotions. We want some stories to end well, and to tell us how to bring this about. Especially when it is about our own family.

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