HUNCK. Life is a stony quest.


Hunck is a London-based duo (young gentlemen who go by the names of Thomas and Frederik) whose soft tunes and lazy hazy rhythms will enchant you in 30 seconds or less. They cater to the needs of a rainy Sunday morning (especially In the wee small hours of the morning) or a gloomy afternoon spent thinking about the human condition and mortality.

They don’t reveal much about themselves, but we got them to answer a few questions about themselves and lift the mystery veil. Read the short interview below.

The Re|view: First of all, where/ when/ how did the two of you meet?

THOMAS: We met when we were teens.


The Re|view: You guitar skills are superb. Do you have a formal music education?

THOMAS: Haha superb? when I was 14 my uncle showed me how to play polly by Nirvana, since then I guess I just picked up things from playing with other people. After joining Parakeet to play guitar live last year I realised I had no idea what I was doing, Mariko taught me a whole lot more about my instrument.

FREDERIK: I had naked violin lessons at a montesorri nursery as a pup.

The Re|view: What kind of music inspires you? Who are you trying to emulate?

THOMAS: We both listen to a lot of melancholic music. Frank Sinatra and Erik Satie are mainstays in my iTunes.

FREDERIK: I am particularly inspired by the music of Ralph Vaughn Williams at the moment. We don’t try and emulate people but I’m sure you can draw your own conclusions as to what we sound like.

The Re|view: Do you have a secret pleasure musician/ song?

THOMAS: Hall and Oates ‘Romeo is Bleeding’. Its not a secret now I guess.

They will be playing in The Old Blue Last in Shoreditch (London) on 1st August 2014. AND they are currently preparing to release a Worldcup song later today. Check them out on Facebook to get updates etc.

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