Jeffrey Foltice

Jeffrey Foltice is a professional photographer from West Michigan. His blog can be found here, and he tweets on @JeffreyFoltice.

Moths to a Flame

People were drawn to a spectacular sunset at Holland, Michigan’s state park like moths to a flame. Visitors enjoyed watching and photographing the sun setting over Lake Michigan at the end of the North Pier.



Peak a Boo, Eye See You

This little Screech Owl displayed its ability to hide in plain sight very well as it was caught peaking from inside a hollow tree trunk while it blended in with the surrounding bark patterns.


Liquid Flight

This moment was captured of a Barn Swallow speeding over water as it hunted for insects. It was one of several that zigged and zagged over the water tirelessly at very high speed.


Diamonds in the Sky

With perfectly clear conditions during a warm Spring evening in Allegan County, Michigan, a sea of stars with varying colors sparkled like diamonds overhead.

diamonds in teh sky

Here’s Looking at You Kid

Sea Monster, or Friendly Fish? You might have been hard pressed to decide if you were in close enough for this view of a Northern Pike that decided to come in close to see what the photographer was up to. Such fish are found every Spring in the shallows of streams in Ottawa County, Michigan.


Autumn Waterfall

Beautiful Upper Bond Falls in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is shown with vibrant Fall color reflecting in its flowing waters.

Autumn Waterfall

Heavenly Flight

This flock of birds were photographed as they flew high toward the clouds during a colorful sunset over Holland, Michigan.


Red Camouflage

This Cardinal seemed to feel at home as it perched surrounded with red twigs. The winged beauty was found in Zeeland, Michigan.


Embers of the Sun

A pair of ducks float through orange colored water as the sun’s reflection is shown at dusk in Muskegon County, Michigan.

embers of teh sun

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