Letter from the Editor


Dear Reader,

Welcome back to The Re|view, we are happy to see you here!
This online magazine first launched in August 2013 as a summer project. Its founder Cecilia started it with the vision that anyone could contribute anything to it rather than setting up their own blog or website. In addition, she wanted to give a voice to those underrepresented in the mainstream media. This would be, she kindly quoted her mother, democracy put in practice. Upon my first look at the concept I was hooked not only by the visual experience of the site itself, but by the ingenius simplicity of the idea. The decision to take over as Editor-in-Chief was inspired by the ambition to continue the stance of equality and creative freedom that this project has at its heart.
To be fair and just, it would not have come about without Liz and Steve, who are the industrious and intelligent editors behind The Re|view. I only believed this would be possible with their help, and much of the content you can see here is the fruit of scarily detailed discussions, seemingly endless email threads woven between the UK and Germany during the time of preparation. Although the international organisation at times resembled one of the twelve labours of Hercules (in case you haven’t heard of the famous Augean inboxes), we seem to have thoroughly internalised the democratic principle of The Re|view. We hope you enjoy the outcome as much as we have the run-up.
You will find that many things in The Re|view have remained the same, but a few have slightly changed. In the future, the issue format will be replaced by a continuous publication that will provide you with new posts more regularly. Although some of the articles on here are written by us, the lion’s share still comes from you and all we do is proofreading, fact-checking and some minor editing. We want you to know that we do this to achieve coherence and get the most out of your submission, but never to change its content. The ethos of this project is still to give a voice to everyone, no matter if we agree with you or not. This is meant to be a platform for dialogue and discussion on anything you care about.
Finally, thank you to everyone who has been in touch with us and who has submitted their work, it has been enlightening and interesting to work with all of you. I must also thank Cecilia for trusting me with this project, and for her continuous involvement, which I very much appreciate.
I hope many more of you will consider contributing as well, and that you spread the word about us if you like what you see.
Chief Editor of The Re|view

Photograph by Davide Vizzini, via Flickr.

Agatha Frischmuth

Agatha Frischmuth is Chief Editor of The Re|view.

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