Letter from the Editor


Hello there! Welcome to the first issue of The Re|view – I’m so glad you came across it. This website came from writing a few articles myself a few months ago, and wanting to put them out there for people to read, but not wanting to set up my own blog. I realised that a lot of other people probably felt the same and thought an alternative would be good.

But there is more to it than that. I feel that many people across the planet are simply not being listened to – this can be seen in the extreme in Egypt, but is also true of my home, the UK, to a much lesser extent. The media, even the good parts, is simply not representing the views of many people and everyone should be able to contribute to a dialogue about the society they live in. My mother put this idea very kindly – “It’s democracy, in practice.” This is what, I hope, The Re|view will become – a chance for constructive dialogue about anything people want to have a dialogue about.

I don’t agree with every word on here, but that is not the point. As long as people are constructive, not aggressive, everyone is welcome to submit and comment on The Re|view.

I hope you enjoy this issue and spread the word about The Re|view, and most of all I hope you consider contributing as well,


Editor and Founder of The Re|view

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