When there’s no one around
When there’s nary a sound

When stillness pervades the air
And the waves are becalmed and clear

No sounds
No light
Nothing at all

When all the world goes quiet
When leaves from trees refuse to fall

Then, listen.

Listen and you will hear
The beautiful music of my love echo everywhere.

In the twinkling of stars, in the flowing rills
In the deepest oceans and the highest hills

In blazing sands, in the hardest stones
In the labor of ants, in the industry of drones

In sweaty thickets and in bubbling springs
In a tiger’s stripes, in a butterfly’s wings

In the nectar of a grape
Or an electron’s whirl
In a rose’s scent
In a fractal’s swirl

You’ll notice it in nature’s hues
And in its great mysteries

You’ll hear its song inside of you
And you’ll read its lay in me

But listen.

Only, listen…

Photograph by Trey Ratcliff, via Flickr. Used under a Creative Commons license.


Omer is a writer and poet, and also translates poetry from the Indian sub-continent.

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