Man’s Best Friend


Bark woof whine yelp
Poor creature, are you crying for help?

Why will you not stop? Are you in pain?
Are you scared of the wind and the rain?

You’ve been bawling and howling all through this night
Has someone or something given you a fright?

The night is horrid and scary, it’s cold and black
Are you barking at the abyss to drive the horrors back?

Oh, I think no one will come to your aid
Oh, It seems no one cares if you’re afraid

My terrified friend, I get why you’re pealing
For I too feel helpless in this world without feeling.

Photograph by Asher Isbrucker, via Flickr. Used under a Creative Commons license.


Omer is a writer and poet, and also translates poetry from the Indian sub-continent.

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