Speak of Trash (Pt. 1)

It's Over

Flowers dont mean nothing
Speak of trash
But don’t say flowers mean nothing
Daisies on mind
We are hand in hand
Sometimes side by side
Always heart in heart

Sweat in palms
Chill outside
Searing inside
When we first met
Under the city lights
Right before the fire starts
Spark in our eyes
Shadows we bear in hearts
How we envy jollies and lies

Flowers dont mean nothing
But everything else has lost its meaning
My greens have gone dark
The darkness has gone black
The sorrows are back
They have never left in fact

Feels like we have not parted yet
The two kids’ ale scented breath
Always wanted to be the better and the best
Remains as that one longed bet

Where’s the green, I don’t see the sun anymore
Darkness blow memories, memories do call
Light up a fire touch the flame
Spark in your eyes when we first met
Fireworks pot smoke sky-high
Feels as if we have not parted yet

Flowers dont mean nothing
But everything else has lost its meaning
Then blow.
Love and blow
Love go slow

It’s the dead man at the bottom of the well
It’s the teardrops when I fell

Speak of trash and smoke some pot
Fuck once more and love you know
This is no love poem as you may not know
For love was taken away long ago

Photograph by CJ Schmit, via Flickr. Used under a Creative Commons Licence.

Hazal Baydar

Hazal Baydar is a 23 year old Turkish Cypriot studying Comparative Literature MA at King's College London.

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