Submission Guidelines

You may use our detailed style guide if you want to get serious about online journalism. It’s available here.

General guidelines

  • All work must be your own. If you have found something you feel is worth sharing, then that’s great but give the creator credit. Having said that, don’t feel the need to create something specifically for us. If you wrote something years ago that you think is still worth sharing, or something for another blog that you want to give more exposure than feel free to submit that. Equally, academic work you have done (edited into word limits) is also welcome.
  • All files must be under 1mb.
  • Tell us what you want to be known about yourself, i.e. give us information for the by-line, include a short bio (if you want), give us links for your website or blog, mention your Twitter name or Facebook page.

We accept most submissions, and to the few that we don’t accept we offer constructive criticism, e.g. regarding spelling, grammar, or accuracy of your facts, and will happily reconsider it for submission. The only exception is for submissions we deem offensive. Users who send in anything abusive or otherwise inappropriate will be blocked from submitting again, the same goes for the submission of comments. The Re|view is an open platform you may use to create a constructive and creative dialogue, not arguments.

Written work

  • Try and keep it short – we recommend somewhere between 200 and 1000 words. You can submit longer pieces, but we would advise that people probably just won’t read the whole thing.
  • Obviously, always check your grammar and spelling. We do proofread and edit everything, but we appreciate if you save us the time to make corrections.
  • Aim for clarity. Write in a way that people understand. Make them understand.
  • Factual accuracy! If possible add hyperlinks to your work that directs people to the source of your information. We check as much as we can, but we’re only human, too. Finally, try not to make things up. It’s tempting sometimes, but your readers will appreciate facts more than fiction. (This does not apply to the creative writers among you!)


  • Image files must be submitted as JPEGs and be under 1 mb in size, but if possible make the file as small as possible – you can make it into a zip file or use Dropbox links or services like WeTransfer. Submitted pictures must have a resolution of at least 400×400, anything bigger is fine.
  • We encourage you to submit a short description of the images you send in, either where they were taken and the story behind them or the artistic work that went into them.
  • If submitting a number of pictures for a gallery in the Art & Photography section, please try and submit images with the same resolution. We realise that’s not always possible, but where it is: that’s suits us best.


  • Do not attempt to submit files, we only accept Youtube or Vimeo links. Just copy the link and add a description if you want to. We encourage you to submit comments or a short review for everything you submit.
  • For submitting trailer or film reviews, please always include a link for the trailer.


  • Please only submit songs by fairly unknown artists, we want to give a platform to people who need it (a good rule is if they have over 50,000 views on Youtube, they are well-known) Youtube or Soundcloud links only. We strongly recommend you include a short description of the artist, and links to their website and facebook pages if they have them.
  • If submitting a music review, it can be on any artist you like – there are no restrictions regarding popularity or fame.