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A lot of our submissions come from people who are already blogging or already have a website showcasing their work. We understand it can be an effort to submit individual articles/pieces, so here we are giving you the option to submit your blog. This will basically mean that, in the case of written work, we will check on your blog every few days, and every time you post a new article we will re-post it and refer people back to your website/blog. This ensures you gain a wider readership without having to submit things constantly. In the case of a website showcasing existing work, for example, a photography website or poetry blog, you can submit it and we will choose work to post from it.

PLEASE NOTE that by submitting your blog/website you give us the right to re-post any content unless it is made explicit that on your blog/website that you are not its creator.

If we are re-posting an article that, when published by The Re|view, was published by you more than a week before, we may edit it to remove sentences/phrases that refer specifically to events in the media when it was written. For example, if you wrote "The events of the last few days show us that, more than ever, we need to change X" would become "More than ever, we need to change X." However, we understand that people do not like having their work edited so please let us know your feelings about this and we will respect them.

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