Surf pop is still around, if you fancy it



Ellis’s sound brings you right back to the imagination of sunny beaches, good-natured fun and tanned, slowly-swinging hips. If you are looking for something that carries the pleasure and leisure of summer, these uncomplicated, formulaic tunes are for you.

“It’s no surprise after listening to the debut album by Los Angeles singer and songwriter Tony Michael Ellis, that Ellis lists The Beach Boys as his top musical influence, followed by The Beatles, and various Motown legends. The single, “It Soothes My Soul,” combines upbeat melodies, acoustic guitar and piano, along with soaringharmonies, that couldn’t sound more like a rendition of The Beach Boys’ unique 60′s California pop sound that still sounds as fresh as it has for decades.” (Indie Rock Café review)

Don’t be fooled into expecting a contemporary spin, though. This is time travel, folks. It might make you feel eerie. Like the messed-up transition into the chorus in She’s Gone Away (30 secs, you can’t miss it). Needless to say, Ellis’s creations are slightly lacking in balance. But if it’s your kind of thing, you might not mind.

If you want to chill to (or get chills from) more of Ellis’s music, check out his website or find him on soundcloud.

Photograph by Dan Lipinski, via Flickr. Used under a Creative Commons Licence.

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