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A Gallery in your attic

“Hey, I left my gallery at your house, can you keep your eye on it? Just don’t let more than 5 people in there at a time. I’m not positive, but it doesn’t seem safe.”


A Lunch Break Romance

Danny Sangra’s subtly funny short film satisfies all my needs for quick arty entertainment: ironic(ish) social commentary and gorgeous hair.

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Soha Elsirgany

Soha is a visual artist based in Cairo, Egypt. Her favorite material is garbage. She likes to give used paper a second life by…


Hana Pesut

Find out more about Hana Pesut at / / / Or buy the book on    


Jason Koxvold

Jason Koxvold is a British artist working in New York working in photography and film, best known for his stark large format photographs depicting…