The Sweetest Rose


The sweetest rose that I have ever seen
Is found in the garden amidst the green.
The sky is in chaos – darkness pervades,
as bitter cold winds disturb the long days.
I see the moon cast its great lunar glow
Over trembling leaves that glisten below.
You considered the sky with lingering fear,
And looked at the world, so pure and so dear.
You were so fragile, but so brave within,
You held onto my hand, for the storm to begin.

The rainstorm worries at the withering leaf,
It trembles and shakes, finding no relief.
I see it break from the branch of the tree
It tries to hold on – so desperately.
I stand and watch as it falls to the ground,
It floats and flutters, making not a sound.
And as the rain ceases the leaf will lie
Battered and bruised, looking up at the sky.

I close my sad eyes and picture your face,
I see your big smile, your sweetness and grace.
Your euphonic laugh and your soothing kiss,
Your love and kindness I know I shall miss
Now silent echoes are all that remain,
I struggle to find the words to explain.
The life that you lived, the decisions you made,
Will always be remembered – never to fade.
Now you’re at peace, and it’s time to part,
But forever you’ll hold a place in my heart.

by Emma Porter

Emma is a recent English Literature graduate from the University of Leeds.

Photograph by Paul Allen, via Flickr. Used under a Creative Commons license.

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